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23 June 2013 @ 09:45 pm

I get so frustrated that my mom and brothers have no idea what college means financially. they were talking about a college fund for the grandkids from my grandfather's coin collection. .and jokingly I said I could use it now, since I am in college. . and she responds with how I am not a grandkid of hers and that pell grants pay for everything anyway. Are You Kidding me??? I'm 12, 000 in debt after one year at wichita state. pell grants didn't even pay for everything. and if I was able to work full time, go to school full time, and be a proper mother to my kids then I would but I can't do all that on my own. so I choose to take out loans so I don't have to work so that I can be the one raising my kids and not someone else.
I told her that sure, pells grants paid for everything at Cowley but not wichita state. she responds with "well why don't you stay there where they pay for it all?" well mother because I just graduated from there with my associates...and you can't get a bachelor's degree at a two year school. are you kidding me? how do they not know these basic things?
I am so thankful my dad knows what this education is costing me and willing to help out where he can..because no one else in my family gets it.