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Just A Girl

doing her best to be a mother

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"princess", 3 doors down, 5 star day, a knights tale, adema, afi, alanis morisette, alien ant farm, alkaline trio, american beauty, ani difranco, ashley, avril, black, blue eyes, bob marley, body piercings, books, bracelets, bright eyes, choir, christianity, claire, coke a cola, computers, crayons, crazy/beautiful, curly hair, dancing in the rain, dashboard confessional, depression, dilerious?, emilliana torinni, emo, eye make-up, eyeliner, fame, fanfiction, feeling infinite, fight club, francesca lia block, from autumn to ashes, ghost world, girl interupted, girlfight, glam, glitter, good charlotte, guitar, hair dye, hole, horoscopes, hot hot heat, incubus, j, jack off jill, janet jackson, jessica simpson, jon, journey, lakers, lisa loeb, madonna, matchbox 20, mazzy star, mercy me, mewithoutyou, michelle branch, modest mouse, music, musicals, my bloody valentine, my stars, necklaces, nin, nirvana, number 7, oasis, opeth, our lady peace, pearl jam, pepsi, photography, pink floyd, pizza, planes mistaken for stars, poetry, poison the well, pretty girls make graves, punk, purple, rachel, radiohead, rainbow brite, reality bites, redecorating, rufio, saliva, saphires, saves the day, seven mary three, shooting stars, simple plan, slys alter ego, small faces, smashing pumpkins, spiderbait, staind, stars, sub seven, subseven, sugarcult, sum41, sunny day real estate, switchfoot, system of a down, t, taking back sunday, tantric, taproot, the ataris, the color kids, the cranberries, the get up kids, the hippos, the juliana theory, the perks, the pixies, the promise ring, the smiths, the used, the wallflowers, the wannadies, the weakerthans, thermasilk conditioner, thursday, tim burton, tori amos, travis, trust company, truth, tsnf, tuck everlasting, vanessa carlton, violet & claire, virgin, whitney houtson, witch baby, writing, yellowcard

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